You’re Engaged XOX

You have posted the ring shot on Instagram!

Then how he proposed on facebook along with a video!

Within 24 hours, you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding planner.

I could say you found her but you need to stop and think plus feel…..

this will be the person in my life for an entire year sometimes only a month but we will have excitement you will be conspiring plans together and feeling anxious and crazed with ideas and lists. Have I done everything I need to do????

Believe me, all these feelings will happen and you need to feel safe and that you made the right choice.

I tell my brides to come up with a date, set budget and visit Pinterest and then call me and we can discuss and come up with a design for your wedding.

I had a beautiful bride and her family come to town and I showed them houses on Pensacola Beach. We went from home to home, we talked budget and finally, I said your budget is not going to work. You need to decide what is most important to you and pick from there what you can do without. She ended up with a beautiful house, beautiful wedding package and we will have so much fun together on her wedding day be friends for a lifetime. That’s what Gold Coast Services is as a company and as your designer!!! Style, tastes, and budget is the key to your dream wedding plus a bunch of fun!!!!

Tropical Kisses,

Keree-Rene’ Perlis

Gold Coast Event Services