A Wedding Story

One of my favorite weddings of all time was planned for on a bright spring day in April. All in all, it should have been a warm day with few clouds in the sky and the Gulf a beautiful azure blue. This particular spring day on Pensacola Beach was a windy and cold catastrophe. Laken and Tyler had been planning their big day for over a year with Gold Coast Events.

The night before we brought over the dinner rehearsal of a taco bar. Their family welcomed us with warm hugs and as we begin setting up its cold and windy in their Pensacola Beach house. The decor going crazy. It's hard to enjoy anything when you have chips flying through the air. We leave all hoping for the best the next night.

The next morning phones are ringing early. The night before had been brutal and horrible and they did not want a repeat for the wedding day. We needed to find a new venue in April for the ceremony and reception. Making several calls trying to beat the other wedding planners, we found a location for reception and ceremony. Thank God!

The vendors were alerted to the move and we started out with a new concept on decor and such! Laken and Tyler had stars in their eyes and were surrounded by family and friends wishing them happiness and joy. I loved their spirit of wishing for it all to be alright and I believe it was truly a beautiful day in our new location!

Weather always plays a part out here in Florida but with the right team of planners, Gold Coast Event Services and the right attitude beauty and love can be found anywhere.

love you Laken and Tyler! You too - Wendi my true friend forever now!