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Gold Coast Events and Services began with a family starting over. Our family was brought down a path that led us to Catering and Beach Weddings. Sometimes, you have a plan and God halts you midstream and says "whoa buddy!" On that journey, we have found a successful business that brings love to the beaches.

We are a large family with 4 daughters and adding more as we go. Rob and I have been married for 29 years; it has been lots of hills and valleys but I wouldn't change a thing. I know at the end of each day, I would still stand before God and marry Rob.

I want my clients to take that with them when they go. Weddings are stressful and happy but you know in the end its two people on the beach standing before God, Friends, and Family. If you can't make it through one day, you probably shouldn't be standing there.

We want You to have what Your Heart Desires and that Your Dreams Come True. We are here to make it happen and give you and your new spouse a beautiful day.

We want laughter, good food and family and friends being a part of your day. You will be surrounded by fresh flowers, beautiful decor and white sands kissed with love. Pick us if this sounds like you!

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Let me offer you a free consultation by phone. Let's explore the opportunity before us to make beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

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